How to Promote your Personal Tutoring Services Using a WordPress Site

WordPress site

In recent years, a myriad of bloggers have capitalized upon the advantages of having a WordPress site in order to promote their personal businesses and blog posts. Consequently it can be highly profitable for personal tutors to create their own WordPress sites to efficiently and successful promote your their services. WordPress sites enable you to advertise your personal tutoring services to a wider spectrum of potential students, utilizing an engaging and interactive medium with which young people can relate. (Image Source) Creating your own WordPress sites grants you the liberty to regularly update blog posts in order to keep both current and potential students notified of your tutoring services. You can consistently post blogs … [Continue reading]

How Social Gaming Boosts Your Business’s Bottom Line

Social Gaming

Social network gaming is fast becoming an interesting sector for businesses to explore. From a business perspective, social gaming serves as a burgeoning marketing and branding technique that attracts an active, profitable demographic. Facebook shares that more than 250 million people play games on its site. And by 2016, investment bank Digi-Capital predicts that online […]

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How to Prevent Catching the Pharma Virus on Your WordPress Site

Malicious code

A bug has been going around the Internet that’s kind of nasty.  Suddenly you see gobble-de-gook coming up when you attempt to share a link from one of your posts in Facebook and it has mentions of male enhancement drugs or shoddy loan sites.  This is called the Pharma Virus.  It’s a nasty bug and […]

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Life is a Balancing Act – How do You Want to Live and Work?

Life Balancing Act

Many entrepreneurs are raving workaholics. They work into the wee hours of the night, planning, plotting and stressing out.  Although it may pay off monetarily, it’s not always the best thing, and may divert that workaholic’s attention to the areas of your life that need to be attended to. The trick is to achieve a […]

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Why You Don’t Want to Miss Promoting Your Blog on Google Plus

Google Plus

Google+ facilitates an enormous social community with exorbitant personal and professional potential. Listed below are numerous ways in which you can utilize Google+, capitalizing upon its extensive social and business networks, in order to increase online traffic to your blog.   (Image Source) Have a Google Business Page One of the most effective ways to […]

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The Easy Way to Optimize Your Blog Headlines to Attract More Traffic

Blog Headlines

I’ve found a new best friend when it comes to writing blog headlines.  It’s called the “Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer” and it lives on the Advanced Marketing Institute website.  All you do is insert your proposed headline into the box, click on the drop down menu  and choose your category such as business, health, […]

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7 Top Tips for Writing Blog Posts to Captivate Your Audience

Writing Blog Posts

Another wonderful guest post from author George Campbell: With an ever increasing amount of blogs appearing across the Internet, it is vital that your blog posts stand out from the rest. Here are seven tips to help you improve the quality of your blog posts, and therefore increase your blog’s popularity and online presence.   […]

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