Check Out my Blog Talk Radio Interview with An Empowered Woman

radio mic

I just completed a Blog Talk Radio Interview with Desiree Doubrox, founder of An Empowered Woman. Please check it out by clicking HERE. Below is some additional information Tell me a little about your background and why you decided to start your blog consultant business? I’ve worked as a voice actor for over 30 years, […]


How to Work With Audio on Your Blog by a 30 Year Voice Over Actor

Using Audio For Your Blog

I have worked as a voice over actor for over 30 years for cartoons, film, commercials and TV.  I’m very familiar with using a microphone.  As a person who is no longer 20, the idea of showing my face in a video  is rather alarming. Using audio as a marketing tool is much more forgiving, […]


Why Should I Blog if I Don’t Check My Facebook Status?

Writers block

I was recently discussing blogging with a small business owner who proclaimed: I could never keep up with a blog.  I never even check my Facebook status.  Why should I have one? That’s understandable.  Not everyone enjoys writing or is capable of doing it very well.  However, the reason this business owner was thinking about […]