How to Create a Word Cloud for Your Website You Can Even Stick on a Coffee Cup

Word Cloud for Your WebsiteWould you like to find out what your website is saying in a visual way?  This is really cool and I wanted to quickly share it with you.  I went to a Hootup the other day in Los Angeles and found out about it. By the way, a Hootup is a Meetup for fans of Hootsuite, a Twitter tool.

One of the speakers was talking about an application called Tagxedo.  What you do is input your website address (URL) and/or your Twitter name, search terms, RSS feed, etc.  Tagxedo will create a word cloud with the most significant words it finds when it searches those locations.  Once you have created your word cloud, you can save the image, email, share it and embed it.

The first time I did it, I entered my blog url and twitter username.  It came up with some pretty weird stuff.  Like, where did “stupid” come in?  Was someone out there calling me stupid?  It makes you wonder what is being said about you?

Word Cloud with Blog and Twitter

When I added my Twitter Account

After you create your word cloud, you can have it made into coffee cups, bags, or other promotional items.

It’s actually quite a useful tool.  When you create a word cloud, you will see what types of keywords are coming up prominently on your website.  The ones you use the most will be the largest in size.

To create your word cloud go to

It’s free unless, of course, you want to order coffee cups.  Have fun!

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Rebecca Forstadt-Olkowski
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Rebecca Forstadt-Olkowski