Why You Don’t Want to Miss Promoting Your Blog on Google Plus

Google+ facilitates an enormous social community with exorbitant personal and professional potential. Listed below are numerous ways in which you can utilize Google+, capitalizing upon its extensive social and business networks, in order to increase online traffic to your blog.

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Have a Google Business Page

One of the most effective ways to promote your blog with Google+ is to create your own Google+ business page. To create your business page, first you need to establish your own Google+ account. Once you have set up an account, you can create a business page, customizing it to include your location and blog information. Your business page can provide a springboard upon which to market your blog. You can customize your business page with vivid and engaging designs, to captivate users and generate vital consumer interest.

Share with Circles

The circles on Google+ allow you to follow and receive updates from a variety of people. You can control which content is delivered to each of your circles, targeting certain circles with relevant content to sustain their interest in your blog. Using these circles you can promote your blog specifically to its target market, thus allowing you to gain more information about your target audience. Subsequently, you can produce relevant posts within your blog to pique your target audience’s interests. Creating your target circles in advance allows you to contemplate who you will be targeting and the particular content which you will be promoting to them. This will ultimately result in greater and more sustained attention towards your blog.

Become involved with different communities

There are a wealth of different personal and professional communities which operate on Google+. If you locate a community relevant to your blog, you can communicate with people who are likely to exercise an interest in your blog posts. If you can present an extensive knowledge on your chosen topics within these communities, people will acknowledge your authority and thus follow and share your blog. These communities provide a lucrative opportunity through which you can connect with your target market and thus exponentially increase the traffic to your blog site.

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Utilize Hashtags

Recently Google+ has introduced hashtags which permit you to categorize your updates, as well as helping others to locate you via searches across the site. Digital service companies including Premier Choice Internet  and Duct Tape Marketing preach the importance of using hashtags in Google+ and extensively use them in their updates. As such, ensure you incorporate tags within your blog post updates, enabling your target audience to locate you and easily identify the key elements of your blog posts. Use tags to create shared, interactive categories regarding your blogs and the areas which you intend to promote. For example, if you are using your blog to promote your personal business, create a hashtag which is related to a specific product or service you offer. This way, your communities can easily locate your products or services, learn about them, and share them with others who may also express an interest in them. These hashtags can provide significant opportunities for you to share information about your blog and thus increase your blog traffic, perpetuating your online presence across a variety of Google+ communities.

Sign up for Google Authorship

Google Authorship is an excellent way to increase the online influence of your blog. It permits a visual link to your blog posts in searches, thereby presenting your posts as more trustworthy and interesting. Utilising Google Authorship allows your target market to associate a profile image with all of your posts, thus establishing your posts as reputable and professional, and thereby increasing traffic to your blog.

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George Campbell

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