The Entrepreneur Checklist for Blogging Success

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that you have installed a WordPress Blog.  Maybe you did it yourself or had someone help you, like us.  What is your responsibility, as a the owner of a blog, to make your website work?

Hopefully, when you had your blog installed, the settings were configured correctly, a theme, other than the default installed, and plugins added to increase functionality and optimization.  (if not, talk to us, we can help you out)

What next?

  1. Do you have a clear picture about why you chose to have a blog as a marketing tool for your business, and what type of content you want to offer your visitors?
  2. Have you researched and chosen strong keywords? Are they broad keywords or niche, with a viable market?  Have they been placed in your blog in such a way that Google can easily find them?
  3. Do you have a marketing plan in place?  How are you going to attract customers to your blog, have them connect with you, and eventually purchase your product or services?  Are you selling an EBook, a course, attracting them to your physical location for business, booking appointments, etc.?
  4. Have you created valuable content to be added to the pages and posts of your blog in an organized manner, or are you just winging it?  Make sure to have at least 10 post/pages before launching your blog. There seems to be a trend recently to write longer and deeper posts, rather than a short tidbit once a day. Make a goal to post an in depth post at least once per week. Do not just slap a post onto your blog from another website.  It is important to write posts in your own voice.
  5. Have you chosen images to compliment your posts/pages (if desired) that have not been stolen off the Internet?  Many photos are copyrighted.  Make sure you have a license to use photos, videos, audios, etc.
  6. Are you connected to the main social networks so that your posts/ pages can be shared and syndicated to increase your visibility?  At the very least, have a Facebook, and Linked In profile.  Can your posts be easily tweeted and shared? There are many WordPress plugins available to add  Facebook Share, Tweet Button, and Social Bookmarking sites. Choose them depending on their style or functionality.
  7. Do you have a way for prospects  to contact you directly and is it easy to find?  This might be a contact form they can fill out to ask questions or get information.
  8. Is there a way for readers to receive your post updates on a regular basis?  Can they find your RSS feed icon?  Do you have an email opt in box or subscribe form clearly visible?
  9. Are all the details of your blog in place and completed?  This may include an image for your sidebar list bullet points, Disclaimer, Disclosure, Privacy pages, Author Box, Author name, Favicon (small image) and blog name that appear in browser tabs.

Working with an Outsourcer

Details. Details. Details.  Do it yourself, if you have nothing better to do.   Or get someone to spend a little bit of time taking care of things that are tedious.

How can you maximize your outsourcer and save money?

Make sure they have what they need.  If you want them to insert content, for example, get it to them in a reasonable amount of time, especially if you have negotiated a flat rate for work to be performed.  Otherwise, you may be charged extra.

Consider hiring them to do maintenance and additions for your blog on a monthly basis.  This includes WordPress and plugin upgrades to keep your blog secure, general tweaks, changes, cleanup, etc.

Listen to their tutoring such as:  Do not post directly using Microsoft Word.  Use the little W button on the post editor to strip the excess HTML code that will muck up your blog.

Below is a link for a report that I believe is critical for every small business owner.  It is called the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report and was written by the Social Media Examiner, which is a blog that should be on every small business owner’s feed list, especially if you have any type of online presence.

CLICK HERE to access the Social Media Marketing Industry Report  (Don’t worry, you do not have to sign up for anything)  You will be surprised to see what the percentage is of small business owners who are using WordPress blogs as part of their strategy.

Rebecca Forstadt-Olkowski
I'm Rebecca Olkowski and I'm a fun loving entrepreneur, voice over actor and Baby Boomer (but I'm very young at heart and have the voice of an 8 year old) .  I love great food, travel, wine tasting and playing with my two puppy dogs.  A few years ago I discovered I enjoyed blogging and found my inner geek.  I turned it into a business.  I love to help other Baby Boomers and entrepreneurs build businesses and make money online. Please feel free to tweet and share!
Rebecca Forstadt-Olkowski