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Rebecca OlkowskiI’m Rebecca Olkowski,and I’ve been an entrepreneur in various capacities for over 35 years. I also happen to be infamously well known as a Los Angeles based voice over actor specializing in kid’s voices. Acting has always been fun for me but it’s very unpredictable. After becoming a widow in 2001, with two young kids, I realized that there was a good chance my acting career wasn’t going to pay the mortgage or send my kids to college. I became an entrepreneur. Yikes! I’ve never been one to do the 9-5 thing and sit in a cubicle. I love to hang out in my home office instead. (or in a cafe in Paris)

In 2009, I joined CEO Space, where I met many high powered marketing and business advisers. Suddenly my world was filled with incredible opportunities and high quality connections.

Then, I found out I loved blogging

It satisfied my creative impulses and I soon became an addict. Just recently I’ve also ventured into podcasting. I’ve spent hundreds of hours making mistakes and learning to fix them. I set up some free blogs for myself, but found that, which you self host for peanuts, was far and above the only way to go if you want a sharp and professional business online presence.

I also discovered

that I could help other entrepreneurs set up and configure their WordPress websites in a way that was easy for them and highly affordable.

 and the rest is history.

Please let me know if I can help you in any way. I hope to hear from you soon!

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