10 Hard Facts for Those Considering a Blog for Business

Rock Your Web Traffic

I install and configure WordPress blogs for small businesses and individuals. “What the heck is a WordPress blog?” To the average small business owner, who is not particularly web savvy, telling someone I install WordPress blogs is fairly meaningless.  A lot of  people do not know the difference between a typical static website and a […]

How to Monetize Your Passions and Talents on a Blog if You are a Creative Type

Share Your Passion

As a right brained creative type, running a business was not something I was particularly schooled for.  I was a theatre major and have worked as a professional union actor for many years.  I realized that I couldn’t depend on acting alone, or waiting for others to hire me, in order to sustain the lifestyle […]

The Entrepreneur Checklist for Blogging Success

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Let’s just say, hypothetically, that you have installed a WordPress Blog.  Maybe you did it yourself or had someone help you, like us.  What is your responsibility, as a the owner of a blog, to make your website work? Hopefully, when you had your blog installed, the settings were configured correctly, a theme, other than […]

5 Ways to Engage Your Target Market on Your Blog?

Social Media Success Summit

I was listening to a great webinar last night with Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner (one of my favorite blogs), and the amazing Mari Smith, Queen of Facebook and social media marketing.  They talked about 9 different companies who were doing social media right.  73% of businesses plan to increase their use of Facebook, YouTube […]

How to Know What Blogging or Internet Marketing Guru is for You

Internet Guru

Sharp Biz Image helps small business owners install and configure WordPress blogs and we do not claim Internet Marketing guru status.  However, you cannot just put up a blog and expect it to work.  You want to learn the best strategies from experts who have had huge success marketing their businesses.  The problem is there […]